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We have developed proprietary techniques of planning and executing studies

Our Facilities

All of our sites are fully equipped with state of the art medical equipment necessary to conduct clinical trials. Additionally, all sites are staffed with trained and experienced healthcare professionals. Our goal is to standardize all of our sites to deliver the same level of quality service as a whole.

All sites are internally managed and follow the same techniques and procedures proven to deliver efficient results while maintaining patient safety and wellbeing as a priority

Our Locations
Wellness Clinical Research
Wellness Clinical Research

Our Process

Our team conducts clinical trials quickly and efficiently thanks to an integrated, centralized process of proposal, preparation and study execution. This streamlined process provides our clients with the high quality data they need to accelerate the development of new drugs and therapies. 

All study personnel is carefully and meticulously selected for each trial based on skills and experience. When taking on a new project, our team is trained to dissect the protocol from A to Z making sure everyone on the team is fully aware of the project scope and responsibilities.

Principal Investigators

Our principal investigators are trained, certified and experienced in a wide range of therapeutic areas. All investigators are leading private practitioners with years of experience and vast patient population.

When adding new investigators to our team, we follow a thorough process which includes license verification, clinical experience and access to patient demographics.

Wellness Clinical Research
Wellness Clinical Research

Patient Demographics

The key to our success is our access to patients. Each of our investigators are local practitioners with thousands of patients in their databases. Some of our investigators manage multiple medical center in strategic locations. Using electronic medical records reporting, we are able to quickly search and identify potential candidates for clinical trials. 

Additionally, we have great relationships with many local referring physicians and we maintain a very positive identity in our communities, sponsoring and organizing local health events. All of these factors allow us to always meet and surpass our enrollment goals.

No Substitute For Expertise

Extraordinary Depth of Medical Expertise in Key Therapeutic Areas

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